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3. marts 2014

Visiting Scholars at the University of Sydney


Centre for International Security Studies, University of Sydney, is hosting Lene Hansen and Rebecca Adler-Nissen as Visiting Scholars.

Centre for International Security Studies (CISS), University of Sydney, directed by Michael Hintze Chair of International Security Studies, James Der Derian, is hosting Lene Hansen and Rebecca Adler-Nissen as Visiting Scholars in the Spring 2014.

While at CISS, Hansen and Adler-Nissen will meet with CISS Associate and fellow Images and International Security researcher, Megan MacKenzie. Moreover, Hansen and Adler-Nissen will present their work at lectures and roundtables.

In February, Hansen presented the seventh annual Michael Hintze Lecture, ‘In Defense of the Visual Interest: Diplomatic Responses to Image Crises’.  She was also on the final roundtable of the 'Q Symposium: Peace and Security in a Quantum Age'. In April, Hansen will be giving a talk on 'Visual Securitization: Taking Security Studies from the Word to the Image' in the colloquium series at the Department of Government and International Relations.

Adler-Nissen was also a participant at the Q Symposium, presenting her new research at the 'Infosecurity roundtable'.  On March 7, she will be the first to present in a new CISS series, ‘First Look at CISS Books’.  The talk will be drawn on material from her forthcoming book, 'Opting Out of the European Union: Diplomacy, Sovereignty and European Integration' (Cambridge University Press, 2014), which looks at how sovereignty works in practice, with a particular focus on how everyday negotiations transform national interests into European ideals. 

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