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Elite Research Travel Grant to ‘Images and International Security’-PhD student Simone Molin Friis – University of Copenhagen

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28 February 2017

Elite Research Travel Grant to ‘Images and International Security’-PhD student Simone Molin Friis

PhD student Simone Molin Friis has been awarded the Elite Research travel grant by the Danish Ministry for Higher Education and Science.

The Elite Research Initiative is the unifying brand name for a series of initiatives designed to honor and support the biggest research talents in Danish research. The aim of the Elite Research travel grant is to help very talented PhD students perform longer-term studies in some of the best research environments in the world.

Simone will use the Elite Research travel grant to conduct research stays at the University of Queensland (Australia) and the University of Ottawa (Canada).

At the University of Queensland (UQ), Simone will collaborate with Professor Roland Bleiker, who is the director of the Visual Politics Program at UQ. At the University of Ottawa, Simone will visit and continue her work with Professor Michael C. Williams, who is a senior project member of ‘Images and International Security’.

Besides, the longer research stays in Ottawa and Queensland, Simone will also use the travel grant to visit the University of Sydney and present her research at the International Studies Associations’ annual convention in 2018.

About the project

Simone’s PhD project examines the relationship between political violence and visual politics, focusing on the ongoing war against the Islamic State. Through her research, Simone has conducted studies how modern militant groups use spectacular violence as a political strategy and how images of violence shape security discourses. Read more about Simone's project here (in Danish) or here (in English).

Lene Hansen recieved the Elite Research grant in 2001. Read more about Lene's research (in Danish) here.