Visualizing War: The Power of Emotions in Politics – University of Copenhagen

26 September 2014

Visualizing War: The Power of Emotions in Politics


Place: University of Southern Denmark, Odense
Date: November 20 - 21, 2014
Language: English

Images and International Security will be represented at the conference "Visualizing War: The Power of Emotions in Politics" at the University of Southern Denmark. The topic of the interdisciplinary conference is the role of images of war and emotions in shaping political debates. 

During the conference, Professor Lene Hansen will deliver a keynote speech entitled "Images and International Affect: Chemical Warfare as the Syrian Limit". Other keynote speakers include W.J.T. Mitchell, Professor of English and Art History, University of Chicago; Jan Mieszkowski, Professor of German and Humanities, Reed College; Sten Rynning, Professor of International Relations and Leader of the Center of War Studies, University of Southern Denmark; Christine Kanz, Professor of German, University of Ghent; Stephan Jaeger, Professor of German Studies, University of Manitoba.

The conference will deal with questions such as: How do images of war engender emotions, and how do these emotions impact the practices of government and policy making? Why do some images of war speak to us whereas others are quickly forgotten? How do images represent war in comparison to narrative and verbal media?