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Simone Molin Friis – University of Copenhagen

Simone Molin Friis

Simone Molin Friis is a PhD student at the Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen.

Simone's PhD project examines the relationship between political violence, visual politics, and power focusing on the war against the Islamic State. Her research interests include: 1) execution videos, 2) terror and media, 3) public spectacles, 4) Islamic State, 5) propaganda and imagery, and 6) the role of images of violence in security politics.

Simone has written an article on the role of the Islamic State’s beheading videos in Western security debates (published in International Affairs) and an article on the Islamic State's orchestration of public displays of violence (published in European Journal of International Relations). She has also contributed to a book on the Islamic State and al-Qaeda from the Danish Institute of International Studies (Splittelsen in Global Jihad).

For further information and a full CV please visit Simone's homepage.